Mark Allen is a seasoned technology veteran with over 20 years of experience in building software applications for SAAS startups that have scaled to millions of users. 

His specialty is in internet technology innovation, particularly with early-stage companies. 

He has been on the forefront of internet technologies since its early days creating some of the earliest Ecommerce applications in Canada. In the early days of mobile he was involved in creating a mobile payment platform used by several professional sports franchises in North America.  With the migration to cloud hosting providers he has become a sought out expert in building we application infrastructure in AWS. 

As a senior engineering leader Mark has scaled up and mentored software engineering teams for startups such as Hootsuite and Taplytics.  He focuses on building an inclusive culture where everyone is expected to lead and asks his teams to commit to their deliverables. 

For the last year Mark has worked in the NFT space building out tooling to help creators mint their first NFTs and market them to collectors. 

He has brought together web2 and web3 to bring identity and create trust between creators and collectors.  Using the distributed storage of the blockchain and the trust of identity provided by social platforms to build applications making web3 easier to use for people who are new to crypto.