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Changing JMS Connection Password in Oracle SOA Suite

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By default the the password for eis/Jms/TopicConnectionFactory JMS Connection is welcome1. This needs to be changed if the oc4jadmin password is not set to this.


After creating an ESB process you are unable to write to a JMS topic.  The following error message is displayed in the ESB Console:

The Adapter Framework was unable to establish an outbound JCA connection due to the following issue: ORABPEL-12133
Unable to create JMS connection due to JMS exception.
Please examine the log file to determine the problem.
 [Caused by: JMSServer[soasuite01.markcallen.com:12601]: failed to authenticate "oc4jadmin/welcome1" via "[JAZNUserAdaptor: user=oc4jadmin]".]



The password for the TopicConnectionFactory needs to be changed.

Go to the SOA Suite Enterprise Manager:


  • Click on the Home JVM
  • Click on the Applications tab
  • Select Standalone Applications from the View drop down list
  • Click on the JMSAdapter link
  • Click on the Connection Factories tab
  • Click on eis/JMS/TopicConnectionFactory
  • Change the password to the SOA Suites oc4jadmin password.
  • Press the Apply button.

Try the ESB process again.

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