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Viewing Oracle Application Server JMS Queues

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When developing BPEL and ESB applications it is necessary to see if the message you sent actually made it on the queue. Using Hermes is an excellent way to view an application server queues and topics.


Need to view messages on a JMS Queue or Topic that you have published a message to.



Hermes is an opensouce solution to view JMS queues. But it doesn’t come out of the box to work with Oracle Application server and OC4J. Thankfully Mike Lehmann has created some information on how to do this http://mike-lehmann.blogspot.com/2006/09/i-was-working-with-oracleas-jms-over.html
Also helpful is the provider configuration information on the hermes websitehttp://www.hermesjms.com/confluence/display/HJMS/Oracleprovided by Demed L’Her. The viewlet is especially helpful for first time users.

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